Company profile

Company profile
The company P.L. Spa was formed in 1971 with the purpose of manufacturing various types of components for the furniture industry, made with particle board covered with laminate and/or PVC. In 1978 the Abet Group entered as a partner, and in 1984 it acquired total control of the PL Spa company.

The great manufacturing capability of the PL Company - which covers an area of 18.000 square meters - is the result of research and development carried out in the field of manufacturing components and special products for the furniture, transportation and building industries, using primarily high pressure laminates (Print® HPL by Abet Laminati).
To maintain its technical leadership in the field and to increase its productivity, PL has invested heavily in state-of-the art machinery and custom-designed equipment.
It has also taken advantage of its parent company’s (Abet Laminati) privileged connections with leading European designers and architects , to be a forerunner in interpreting, with the most up-to-date manufacturing tools, the aesthetic changes in the various fields of interior design and furniture manufacturing.
The synergy between advanced manufacturing technology and aeshtetics has produced a new style of its own and has extended PL’s original range of products, to encompass new applications in the transportation industry, where new, light, fire retardant materials are the solution to a demand for always safer products.

In 1989 a new flooring product, named PARQCOLOR® was developed. It featured innovative technical characteristics with exceptional aesthetic appeal.
PARQCOLOR® was a new type of flooring highly suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Made of the best raw materials to be found on the market, PARQCOLOR® is a composite product which consists of a high density wood-fiber core (with a very high humidity resistance) with a sheet of Print® HPL laminate bonded to the surface and counterbalanced with Print® HPL laminate of identical thickness.
Every component used for the manufacture of PARQCOLOR® is tested to ensure it is of the highest standard. When these components are bonded together, the outcome is a product of exceptional strength that gives outstanding performance.
PARQCOLOR® can be laid even over an existing floor, thereby avoiding the dust and rubble created in its removal. It is resistant to fire, to chemical and physical agents and is both easy to clean and to install.
Whatever your taste or requirements, you can be sure there is a floor finish to suit your needs: the decors range from the subtle and delicate to the powerful and strong. PARQCOLOR® will enhance or add to the character of any room.